Frequently Asked Questions about Products

Root Awakening® Hair Care

Is the Root Awakening® line safe for all hair types?
Yes, all shampoos, conditioners and stylers are safe for natural, colored or highlighted hair.
How will natural Eucalyptus help my hair?
The entire Root Awakening® line-up is formulated with natural Eucalyptus and brings out the healthiest-looking texture and shine to hair. Natural Eucalyptus has been used over the centuries in aromatherapy. The energizing fragrance delivers a sensorial experience and the Root Awakening® formulas with peppermint extract and menthol provide a tingle, signaling the products are working.
I’ve got a dry scalp, breakage-prone hair and split ends. Which Root Awakening® products are best for me?
If your hair is breakage-prone, our Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner was formulated just for you. Both contain Panthenol, a vital strengthening ingredient. The formula reinforces the hair structure and helps prevent breakage and split ends. Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo nourishes and fortifies to reduce breakage for visibly healthy-looking hair. Furthermore, Hydrate + Nourish Conditioner instantly strengthens and silkens from roots to ends for smooth, breakage resistant hair.
My scalp is oily, but the rest of my hair feels dry. Which Root Awakening® products will help improve both of these?
If your hair is dry and unmanageable, you should use our Purify + Nourish shampoo and conditioner. Purify + Nourish shampoo refreshes from roots to ends, giving soft, silky hair. Additionally, Purify + Nourish conditioner is lightweight and does not leave an oily buildup on the hair leaving silky-smooth hair. Both gently reestablish needed moisture, by helping to reduce hair and scalp dehydration. Users have noticed improved texture, increased suppleness and shine. For a complete system, be sure to use Root Awakening® Lift + Refresh Root Spray.
Can I still use the Root Awakening line if my scalp is normal?
Absolutely, the benefits of our formula, with natural eucalyptus, work with all hair and scalp types to reawaken roots for healthy-looking hair.
Do I use Lift + Refresh Root Spray before or after I shampoo and condition?
Always use the Lift + Refresh Root Spray after you shampoo and condition your hair. Towel dry and spray 3-5 pumps at your roots, massage in, and comb through hair. Like the shampoos and conditioners, the Leave In Spray is formulated with vitamins and natural Eucalyptus and will nourish hair from roots to ends, giving you healthy-looking hair. This spray instantly conditions and detangles to smooth broken, dry and flyaway hair. With the added benefit of heat protection, your hair will have a radiant look and incredible silky feel in just one use!
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